tennis court

There are many costs associated with keeping Olmsted Camp as beautiful as it has been all these years. Your donation, will apply directly to maintaining the facility and the upkeep costs associated with the camp (main building), dorm barn, cabins, lawn, gardens and tennis court.

Tennis Court Donations:

Currently we are raising money to repair the tennis court. Our goal is raise $1,900. Any amount collected above this will go into the purchasing equipment for the tennis court for example extra tennis rackets, balls, and possibly a new net.

Marguerite & John Olmsted enjoy the Camp Tennis Court c1915
Marguerite & John Olmsted enjoy the Camp Tennis Court c 1915

Here is a breakdown of tennis court costs for 2017 opening:

$   650.00 – Materials
$1,200.00 – Labor
$1,850.00 Total

Materials: Course Grade Har-Tru (minimum order 1.4 tons (30 x 80lb bags). This is for two years.
Labor: Rake, roll, level, apply hard true, lay tapes, put up net, minor repairs.

Tennis Court Donation Levels:

Donate $35
Donate $50
Donate $75
Donate $100

Donor List:
S&B. Maxfield
P. Maxfield (family)
J. Maxfield
M. Oprea (family)
D. Stivers
A. Belser
N&A. Ogan
S. Wallace
S. Clare
C&L Phillips
J. Hiday (family)
G. Page
F. Kowsky
M. Fowler
K. Seeley (family)
K. Olmsted