Artists and their work

Dexter Payne
“Payne’s clarinet is generally the lead voice, and he is heard at both his most creative and most melodic. Although there are many fine short solos from guitarist Bill Kopper, pianist Victor Mestas Pérez and accordionist Dave Willey that always keep the melodies in mind, with drummer Raoul Rossiter adding colorful support, it is the sound of the very attractive ensembles along with the wonderful repertoire that are most memorable.” – Scott Yanow DownBeat Oct 14 ★★★★ (4 stars).

Laylah Ali
“The precision with which Ali creates her small, figurative, gouache paintings on paper is such that it takes her many months to complete a single work. She meticulously plots out every aspect of her work in advance, from subject matter to choice of color and the brushes that she will use.” – Art21

Susan Peterson Maxfield
“(American, 20th C.-) award-winning plein air artist, painter and photographer primarily known for her botanical, floral and landscape paintings & drawings in watercolor, mixed media and india ink. She is a granddaughter of the well known Springville, NY artist & architect Harold LeRoy Olmsted (American, 1886-1972), and often spends time at the historic family ‘Olmsted Camp’ located in Sardinia, NY.” – Meibohm Fine Arts