Dear Family and Friends of Olmsted Camp;

There are many costs associated with keeping Olmsted Camp as beautiful as it has been all these years and for many years to come. From the maintenance costs of the main building (the Camp), dorm barn, cabins, lawn, gardens and tennis court to the plumbing, electrical, septic, supplies and cleaning. Your contribution will go directly to the Camp and the Camp only to help preserve all our memories and ensure that future Olmsted generations and friends will be able to walk the same paths, enjoy meals on the same porch or around the same dining table, sleep in the same rooms and enjoy the history and beauty that makes up this special place just as we all have enjoyed for so many years.

Our Summer Season opening costs range from $3,000 – $4,000 and continued maintenance for the remainder of the season are around the $2,000 – $3,000 range on average. Please consider making a $35 or $50 as any amount helps to offset the costs in maintaining this beautiful summer retreat. All contributions go directly to the Olmsted Camp buildings and grounds only. You can even contribute with a credit card (see below)! How fancy is that?

Thank you very much for helping us all keep Olmsted Camp up and running for many generations to come!

How to Contribute to Olmsted Camp:

By Credit Card

If would like to contribute in helping to keep Olmsted Camp as beautiful as is has been all these years by credit card, select one of the options below.

Click Here to Contribute $35
Click Here to Contribute $50
Click Here to Contribute $75
Click Here to Contribute $100
Click Here to Contribute $200
Click Here to Contribute Any Amount

By Check

If you would rather contribute via a check, please make it out to Olmsted Camp c/o Emilia Oprea and send it to:

Emilia Oprea
Olmsted Camp
12820 Benton Rd
Sardinia, NY 14134

Buildings & Facilities Contributions:
Your buildings and facilities contribution, will apply directly to repair and upkeep maintenance costs associated with the Olmsted Camp buildings which include the main building, dorm barn, cabins and of course the outdoor shower.

Gardens & Groundskeeping Contributions:
Your contribution to gardens and grounds, will apply directly to maintaining lawns, trees, gardens and outdoor furniture.

Tennis Court & Walking Paths Contributions:
Your contribution to the tennis court upkeep as well as the walking paths that span 180 acres will be applied to maintenance of the tennis court,  equipment (new and old) as well as walking paths maintenance.